Friday, December 21, 2018

Wellness Update - 12/21/18

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Weight Loss: I've been staying steady for the most part. I had some big travel for work this week which was enough of an excuse to break my diet. I'll probably cheat again for Christmas. I was hopeful that I'd be a lot lower now, but I suppose holding steady through the holidays is better than nothing.

Social: Tuesday night most of my D&D group got together to play a card game at Fantasy Flight.

I had a strange day last Saturday that left me feeling very isolated. As if the universe was listening to me Tinder, OKCupid, and Facebook messenger lit up. I had one... date? last night. we went out for coffee and went for a walk. It was over in under an hour. We had been chatting on Snap pretty consistently all week. But after we met up she seems less engaged. That sucks.

A person I met a few months ago hit me up. She's invited me to an outing next month, and she's coming over in after my table arrives to play some games.

Another woman hit me up on OKCupid. She seems pretty cool, but I'm not sure there's any physical chemistry there. She left town for Christmas, but I suspect we'll meet up when she gets back.

Fiscal: I had money left over after my last paycheck. I've had some low key anxiety about it all week. Nothing has exploded yet, so I suppose I'm okay to pay down some credit cards.

Exercise: I wasn't great about rows this week, I still haven't shook this cough. My step count is still up, so that's positive.

Creative: The last few weeks haven't had a lot of guitar playing. However, to make room for my new table I sold my big dumb Peavy amp and got a super cool little Orange micro amp. I'm pretty sure I've played it more in the last 12 hours than I played the Peavy in the last 6 months. I'll put a video up here when I record one that I am happy with.

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