Friday, December 28, 2018

Wellness Update - 12-28-18

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Now Drinking: Coke zero. I'll probably start drinking in a few hours.

Social: Oddly a lot of my focus was here last week. I had a coffee date last Thursday. It was ... weird. I didn't get any negative vibes from her, still haven't, but we went from constant texting to like... she'll reply if I say something. She calls me 'hon,' and doesn't say 'no' if I invite her to things but... hasn't done anything with me since. I'm talking to a couple ladies from various dating sites, got some numbers, but I'm not super excited about any of them. They all seem nice. New friends, I guess.

D&D didn't happen this week. Neither did Gloomhaven. I'm not 100% that Gloomhaven is coming back. Guess we'll see what happens next week. A friend that isn't consistent with her interest in RPGs has expressed an interest in playing. If a night frees up I might get back into Encounters/Pathfinder Society. That could be fun.

I finally got a table. I'm having people over Monday. There's some static between a friend and an ex, they're both planning to come. It's going to be a small gathering so... I'm a bit worried about it. I'm working on applying diplomacy now.

Financial: Just paid my bills for the month, threw my bonus and a little more at my credit card. I dunno that I completely undid the damage buying my table and chairs caused, but it's better than letting it linger. My budgeting software reports I'm getting closer to breaking even, and then I can start paying things down super hard. I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

Exercise: Steps are still up. I did a set of rows this week, will probably do more tonight. I think I'm back on the train.

Weight Loss: I maintained, as expected. I'm trying to get back in to ketosis, but I've got a suspicion I'll have a few beers and some pizza on Monday. I do not want to weigh more on 1/1 than I do today. Hopefully I'll weigh less.

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