Friday, November 30, 2018

Wellness Update - 11/30/18

I'm still dancing around how I want to format these posts. I'd prefer more structure than a free form journal entry. I guess let's break it down by category?

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Now Drinking: Knob Creek single barrel "reserve" and Coke Zero; 1:3 ratio.

Overall: I fell a bit short of my expectations this week. But hey, I can try again next time right?

Work: I have to go to the boss man's office on Wednesday to talk about my projects with India. It's not clear to me why. My request for context has gone unanswered. So of course I'm thinking they're going to offshore the projects I've been working months on out of the blue. Brains are good at sensing danger, I guess.

Social: Eeeh, nothing big happened this week. I talked to more people online, several with the intention of meeting up in the real world at some undefined future point. I got it in to my head to log exactly how much a friend talks to me when we hang out. It feels like she's just present, and everyone else does the conversational lifting. I'm not sure if that's a me thing or a her thing. I'm not enough of a sociopath to do it, but it's probably something I'll notice more frequently going forward whether I want to or not.

Creative: I didn't memorize the "Smoke on the Water" lead, but I can play it fairly accurately. My bends on the B string are still all over the place. I'm pretty sure I'm over bending, but it's hard for me to tell in the moment. I'll keep working on it.

I did a little twitch streaming, not much to mention there.

I've got a craw up my butt to use my 3d printer more. I've asked around for cosplayers and LARPers to ask me to make props. I have a tentative taker, and a few people who're talking like they're interested. The problem with not doing complete costumes is I'm reliant on other people's imitative. But that's part of the point. This could be a collaborative and somewhat social hobby. I think that's good. I'm going to find some decent 3d modeling software tonight and try to make something for goofs. Wish me luck.

Romance/Sex: My self loathing and general thirst are about even. I should probably see to getting laid. I have no plans and I don't expect to go trolling. Hopefully the celibacy can continue until I'm in a healthier place.

Weight Loss: I had hoped to shed 6lbs last week. I managed 4ish. Whatever, it's better than nothing. Way better than gaining.

Exercise: Not walking isn't going to be tenable. My legs and ass hurt from sitting around. There's going to be a Lifetime Fitness opening near me in a few months. I'd like to hold out until I can get a membership there. But I should probably take my recent raise, point most of it at my HSA, and get my ass to the Lifetime I have access to today.

Yesterday I did a set of 6-10-6 at the super-inclined inverted rows. A few minutes later I did a second set of 6-8-6. I'm pretty happy with this. I'd like to get a set with a total of 30 rows in by the next post.

Financial: This is on my mind a lot every other Friday. I'm trending positive, but my net worth is still super in the red. Most of that is my mortgage, then my student loans. But credit cards are higher than I'd like. I'm hoping to pay around $700 a month on one until the balance is zeroed out, then move on to the next. I want to be in a position to zero out my balances every month. The amazon card might be the most difficult. Baby steps. First goal is to take the minimum monthly payment down to under $100 on everything. From there I'll pay off the lowest balance card and work my way up. Having fewer monthly expenses would be better, I think. If nothing else, it's less weighing on my mind. I understand I'll pay more with this approach. My not-even-back-of-the-envelope calculations ballpark this as a three year project. About the same time as my car and debt consolidation loan will be paid off. It'll be a good year for disposable income. Hell, my 401k might even hit reasonable numbers.

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