Thursday, November 22, 2018

Wellness Checkup Baseline - Pt 2: Weight Loss

Weight loss is where most of my focus is right now. I'm right on the line between morbid obesity and good old fashioned obesity. This week I've isolated between 39.7 and 40.3 BMI; so like... right on the line. Today's weigh in was 314.1 lbs, but I expect to be back to 309.4 by the end of the weekend. I had some emotional eating yesterday and today. Today was better than yesterday, tomorrow should be solid.

I'm doing keto. I take a fairly hard-line approach, usually. I shoot for as close to 0 non-fiber carbs as possible. Right now I'm not logging my food, but I'm confident I'm well below 1,800 calories most days.

My diet is largely cheese and nuts. I try to get a salad a few times a week. The last few weeks I've been getting my protein from red meat, but that's not ideal. I'll get some chicken and pork this week.

So far I've lost about 40lbs on keto. I'm trying not to set a hard, "this is when I'm done" goal, instead playing it milestone by milestone. I'm trying to be attractive to people I find attractive, and I'm trying to find a weight where I'm not disgusted by my reflection. I don't know if those are healthy reasons, but whatever.

Rewards. I used to get chewed out all the goddamn time for being food motivated. No one's around to chew me out anymore. I have been treating myself with pizza for major mile stones. I haven't had a milestone I've considered major for a bit; but I am coming up on "two-topia"which is a big deal, and after that is my lowest weight since getting divorced - with a more healthy means of weight loss. So that's probably two pizzas in the next month or so. Coincidentally my birthday and New Years are next month, which are ripe cheat days anyway. Handy!

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