Thursday, November 22, 2018

Wellness Checkup Baseline - Pt 1: Inverted Rows and Other Exercise

If you know me personally you've probably heard me talk about trying to get in better shape. I feel I need improvement in a few areas: social, mental, physical, and creative. Pretty much the entire spectrum of wellness. I'm going to start keeping track of my progress here. Maybe you'll help hold me accountable? If nothing else, it'll be positive to journal it. I'm going to do several posts tonight to talk about where I am right now. I'm breaking them apart because some topics people won't want to hear about, and one giant post will be entirely unreadable. So let's start with exercise.

One of the things I'm doing is Inverted Rows. It's supposed to build arm, shoulder, and back muscles. Here's a picture of what they should look like for a fit person.

Taken from
The arms are supposed to be directly under the bar. It's not practical in my condo, but even if it were I can't manage that. Here's what I can manage.

Starting Position Arms are fully extended, tip of the triangle is about my armpit.
Ending Position. Elbows are locked at 90°, triangle tip is just below my pecks.
Gah, look at that egg shaped fuck. Anyway, right now I can manage about two sets a day of 5-7-5. I was previously doing these at a more inclined angle, and could do 20-40-20 once a day or 20-25-20 twice a day. 

You'll notice from the pictures my feet are resting on the door frame. I am doing my best not to use them for leverage, but my heel is basically a fulcrum. Not much to do about that until I can get myself lower. 

I'm not walking so much anymore. It's cold out, and my shoes are not well insulated. I did about two miles today, and my toes were so cold they hurt. So, that's enough of that I think. I'm talking to a friend about snowboarding some this winter, but that's an expensive habit. I'm pretty sure my board needs waxing and I think I need new snow pants. Doing jumping jacks and burpees and such are out of the question here, but I do have a "gym"access through the condo. It's just a place with concrete floors, with no neighbors to disturb under me. That's probably all I need right now. There's a Pokemon Go gym next to the actual gym, so I end up there pretty much every day. I just need to throw some clothes in a duffel bag. Easy. 

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