Tuesday, July 11, 2017

VR - Where are the devs at?

I finally got around to cleaning my office, which means I have room for VR again. I went through some games that've been sitting on my backlog. My favorite of the batch was Batman Arkham VR, which was a ~45-90 minute 'experience.' Experience is a code word for 'barely a game.' Arkham VR had high production values, and it did some neat things with the space - particularly at the end.

Then there's a big drop off. Star Trek Bridge Crew Simulator looks good, and I hope to grab a couple VR enabled friends for that in the near future. But otherwise... indie games for days. That's not a bad thing, hell "TO THE TOP" looks like a lot of fun, and I'll be on that ASAP.

But where are the big publishers? Where are the top tier studios? At this point I'd be happy with a b-tier studio. I'm anxious for someone with a budget to come along and produce an actual video game.

I've been waiting for a super hero movement simulator. Fly like Iron Man, swing and stick to walls like Spider-Man, leap like Toad, whatever. I know several games approximate one or two of these ideas, but it'd be rad to see them all in one place. I imagine this game would rate poorly on the 'comfort' level, so it's not likely to see a big publisher or studio, so it'll always be a 'what if' idea that I pine for.

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