Sunday, March 19, 2017

Massively Mass Effect - Episode 26

This is it! We see credits on Mass Effect 3. All of the people we helped, all of the decisions we made... and it comes down to a three way choice. Hurray.

I really would have been happier if the Starchild just read my save, saw my paragon/renegade stats and did one of the three things that matched my character's history. Oh well.

We say goodbye to everyone. They send us off with what feels like the writers thanking us for sitting through all of their stories.

Over all the trilogy is fine. I don't think I can site it as my favorite video game franchise anymore, but it's still really good. As far as video game worlds go, Mass Effect's is still the one I'd want to live in. We'll pick up this series again next week when Andromeda comes out.

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