Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Spring/Summer TV

I'm finicky about TV. I don't watch a lot of it, by some standards. Most of my video viewing is of the Giant Bomb variety. Or maybe Twitch. BUT! There are a few shows I'm excited about. Let me give you the heads up.

The Expanse - it comes back today. It's on Syfy. This is a show about political tensions between three (sometimes four) factions of humanity. It's like Firefly on steroids, especially in the first couple books.  I watched the first season last year, fell in love, and have read all the books during the off season. If you have a cable subscription, you can watch the shows live on, and if memory serves they put episodes up the day after at

The Magicians - it's been back for a week. The premise is a slightly more realistic Harry Potter. Characters have unaddressed flaws such as drug addiction, social awkwardness, habitual lying... it's basically a soap opera where the cast also has to save the world with magic. There is a rape scene in season 1, be warned up front.

Iron Fist - This is a Marvel hero show on Netflix. He's the last member of The Defenders. Iron Fist is a martial arts expert and trust fund kid. In the comics he has a similar origin story to Doctor Strange, if I remember correctly they trained in the same area. Expect this series to do a lot of the set up work for The Defenders series coming later. It will be on Netflix 3/17/17.

Arhcer  - Is an animated comedy about a former secret agent turned private detective. It started to lose me last season. I will probably check this one out on FXX on 4/5/17. FXX does does live streaming with a cable subscription

Twin Peaks - The continuation of the classic TV show comes back May 21st. I still need to get through all of the original show, it's pacing is a bit trying for modern sensibilities. It's coming to Showtime, which means you'll be looking at subscribing through Amazon to watch it legally.

American Gods - This Starz adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name still doesn't have a release date, but I've seen speculation that it'll come out in April. It's driving me bonkers. The show is set in a world where all gods are real. A mortal, ex-con named Shadow is recruited by a man named Wednesday to be a sort of body guard. It gets more strange, and awesome from there. I cannot get this show into my eyeballs fast enough. Starz has a direct subscription package, and you can also get it through Amazon. Ash vs the Evil Dead is on the same network, those two shows are pretty compelling reasons to subscribe - and then you remember how much better Netflix' movie selection was when they had the Starz partnership.

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