Friday, February 10, 2017

Sega CD A through Z - Part 8

Today we cover the N's and P's. In my rush to get to Night Trap I skipped over the NBA, NFL, and NHL games, so we got two videos out of it.

I learned that I don't remember how to play NBA Jam as well as I used to. The game I completed was actually close. I did zero dunking from the three point line. Total scrub league play.

I learned that Night Trap actually had little-to-no objectionable content. The US Senate was looking for a witch to burn, and a cheaply produced slasher-horror video game (without blood) seemed like a good target. Additionally I learned that playing Night Trap without a walk-through or copious notes would be a nightmare. I doubt anyone would have played this game if not for the controversy around it.

Panic! is a weird Monty Python-esque with surrealist humor that... well, doesn't really deliver. It plays like a hypercard stack and as near as I can tell there's no way to be good at it. Whomp-whomp.

Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure is a well made, but poorly designed Pitfall game. Missing jumps forces you to retread segments of the game over and over. I lost patience with it pretty fast - but if I had gotten it while it was new that flaw would have been easy to overlook.

Puggsy seems cool. It was a character action/platformer where you have the ability to pick up, use, and drop items. You end up building platforms to use to reach higher levels. The character design certainly is novel. My chief criticism from the sample is that I was not able to determine a good strategy for dealing with the first boss. Perhaps it's something I'd learn over time. I'm pretty sure Puggsy is love, and that Puggsy is life.

Here are the videos.

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