Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weightloss Update

Since going "low carb" from ketosis, weight loss has stopped. Or at least, stalled a bunch. That's sort of to be expected, I've fallen in to my habits that mostly maintain weight. The graph is still trending down, just not at a decent clip.

The plus side? I had a beer last night. I pulled some long shifts with Uber lately, and eating out of gas stations and fast food is sort of the best I can do. I attempted to stick as close to keto as possible within those confines - so soft shell tacos, or beef jerky for dinner. I've had a couple sodas when I knew the coffee on offer was going to suck. I did grab a slice of pizza at Hello Pizza, which I will continue to recommend to anyone in the area.

I haven't been tracking food, so I don't know where my macros are. I suspect I've been under 50g of non-fiber carbs a day, with the possible exception of the two meals that were way over that (pizza and a sandwich), but I don't know that for sure.

Anyway, I've picked up most of the beer I was looking to sample. It seems like next weekend is when I'll have some friends over for sampling. Then it's back to keto. Huzzah.

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