Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Progress resumes! Why?

I stepped on the scale today to discover I had lost two pounds since yesterday. Why?

Well, I had cottage cheese for breakfast/lunch to get it finished. There were more carbs in it than I expected, and my spirits were low yesterday. My girlfriend brought over dinner last night. It was a chicken and cheese-filled stuffed pepper. I ate extra fiber pills to cover the carbs in the veggies. Then, in the middle of the night, disaster(?) struck. I had to run to the office to do some paperwork. While there, I found cookies sitting out in the open. Figuring the low-carb day was shot, I devoured a couple cookies. My itch, once scratched, wouldn't be satiated, so I grabbed a mountain dew and a bag of Doritos from the vending machine. Then the fiber supplements kicked in.

The other thing... I did not have as much water yesterday as days prior. So, did I shed a half gallon of water somehow, or did I need to tease my body with some carbs? Or was it something else entirely?

I've done some further reading on keto and learned that there are three phases... the first, which I apparently just left. This phase is rapid water weight shedding and some slight weight loss from being conscious about food choices. There is a one-to-two week period of adjustment after that where weight will be stable, while the body adapts. After that my body will give up and begin burning stored fat as a primary fuel source. So while I was in ketosis, I wasn't done adjusting. Apparently.

The hypothesis I've developed to explain today's results is that the quick shot of carbs tricked my body out of starvation mode, allowing it to release stored water. That would explain the headache I woke up with that won't go away, hopefully. If not... then I might be back at the "keto-flu" which means it'll be 3-4 weeks from today when I achieve proper weight loss.

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