Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nintendo Switch Impressions

Nintendo just did their press conference for the Nintendo Switch. They're sticking to their guns on being a generation behind everyone else.

The new console is pushing their take of 'play anywhere.' A feature Sony has had for some games since the PSP. Something Microsoft is doing better with the Xbox/PC integration. But okay, it's going to be all the games on the console, since the console itself is (sorta) portable. Great.

The controllers are kind of neat, but... They're motion controls. Look, motion controls aren't a thing. Stop trying to make them a thing. If you want simple, intuitive controls... look at what the Vive and Rift are doing. VR is the future. Wagglesticks are done.

The Mario game. First, it's not coming until holiday season, while the console is launching in Q1. Next, it looks like a Mario skin on Sonic Adventure 2. I'm sure people will find the Nintendo charm if they want to find it... but man, I could not care less.

It's launching for $300. They're planning to charge for online multiplayer. That's about what a PS4 or Xbox One costs. The PS4 has VR. The choice is clear: Not Nintendo.

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