Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Keto progress - Update 1

I don't know why this is, but at the start of every diet the first few pounds just fly away. I'm not in ketosis yet, but I've lost about 6 pounds. I suspect the lack of diet soda and carbs in general is causing me to shed water weight hella fast. I've been drinking tons of water, and a good amount of coffee.

Sunday I ate eggs and bacon for breakfast, then beef broth for the rest of the day. Someone recommended doing a 12 hour fast with only salted beef broth for sustenance. I was supposed to repeat it Monday, but ... screw that noise. Yesterday was eggs, cheese, and bacon for breakfast. Then tuna salad and cottage cheese for lunch (this is where I made a mistake, I think). Steak and feta salad for dinner. Sunday I had 0 carbs. Yesterday I had 38 grams, which ended up being 8% of all the macroneutrients I ate for the day. I think overall this is okay... and the salad and celery were fairly fiber-dense, right? Right?... ah well.

I'll be picking up keto strips and more cheese (so much cheese on this diet... it's pretty awesome) tonight.

I haven't felt hungry as I was on previous diets. I may stick to eggs and regular cuts of steak when I start leveling off keto in several months.  These seem pretty satisfying.

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